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30 Years of Inspiring Women

In the year I turn 40, PWG (Professional Womens Group, Zurich - the networking group I helped lead for 4 years), turned 30! Last Tuesday I went to the 30th Gala dinner and had a wonderful time. I haven't been regularly to meetings for a while. After 4 years in the lead, it was time to step down and away. What was lovely about the evening was that I met a lot of old friends, remembered how grateful I was to PWG, and was delighted to see that in the 2 years since i have been away, there are lots of people that I don't recognise and a lovely buzz to the group.

The executive committee has made a video about the history of the group and I got quite choked up watching it!

I am really proud to have been part of group which helps women create an inspiring, international career support network.

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