Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I forgot my phone

the other week and actually went home to get it before reaching work. I love my iphone. I love all my apps and the way it helps me keep organised on the run. I love the fact I can take lovely photos each day. I love the fact it can entertain my boys at a pinch.


I watched this video of the same name and it made me think.

I saw myself in a lot of the characters. Taking a pic of a moment, before actually experiencing or enjoying a moment. Will my boys always see me behind my phone taking photos of them? Allthough the one below from our rainy walk yesterday is quite cool - gets all three of us in there! I am guilty of sometimes being preoccupied with my phone and neglecting the person I am with.

I found the video quite moving and sad. I will be aware of my phone habit from now on and maybe next time I will deliberately "forget" my phone and leave it at home!

Tags: self_reflection

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