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Summer Weekend in Schwarzwald

There are some friends that you can meet (in real life) again after a gap of 12 years, and the friendship feels as fresh and authentic as yesterday. Jane is one of those friends :-) We met on a (fairly awful) training course in Germany, where we had a crash course in how to be teaching assistants. 3 of us made an instant connection - we were kindred spirits - and we got each other through a fairly tough year. We were 21, away from our university home, living, teaching and socialising in a foreign language. Jane, Becs and I spent many weekends together. This is Jane and me then - ie 1995 - you can tell two things from the picture. Jane is very tall. I had awful clothes sense, but still have the same goofy grin!

Anyway.... We met up with Jane and family this July in the black forest (Schwarzwald) which is about 2 hours drive from Zurich. It was a perfect hot, sunny weekend. They had rented a cottage on a farmyard and the kids were just happy to be playing outside :-) We were happy for the time to chill, drink beer and catch up on the last decades. Jane lives just outside San Fransisco... so it was a wonderful, rare opportunity to be together.

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