Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Enjoy the Little Things in Life ....

Absence does make the heart grow fonder! I picked my boys up from Kinderkrippe yesterday and we had a lovely (and more importantly, well-behaved, walk home). M and P played follow my leader, walking along and jumping off the small wall next to the nursery. Then they scrambled on all fours, maiowing, being cats! Then Patrick cat agreed to sit in the pram, which speeded up the homeward journey somewhat!

We walked the last bit home in the sun, Markus walks so safely and nicely now and we even have conversations (of a sort). We played our "running in and out of the pillars" game at Stauffacher and whilst waiting at the pedestrian lights, Markus said very loudly (as an old woman jaywalked) - "She's being silly Mummy, it's still red"!

They loved their new Lightning McQueen hats and shakers, Patrick likes wearing his hat backwards, which winds Markus up no end... At home they both sat on big chairs at the table and had supper, decided what they wanted to eat. I had made some hummus and this was a BIG HIT with Patrick :-)

My cold is getting worse and each time I sneezed (which was a lot) I got a very polite "Bless You Mummy" from Markus and a burbled echo from Patrick. After eating Patrick sat with me, inspecting his favourite plate (see below). He kept saying "Auto!" and then pointing to the other vehicles and saying "This?" then copying me. Tractor! Dumper Truck! Cockadoodledoo!

And I got a very nice proper hug from Markus. He flung his arms round me neck and gave me a proper hug (rather than the other way round) - even gave me his first "raspberry kiss" on my neck :)
Tags: family, memories, mgm, pmm

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