Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - August 2013

as the fireworks start, Happy Birthday Switzerland :-) Happy to be living here and bringing up my family here! 01.08.2013 21:35

A rare day off, but 28 items to do on my list for friday! How many will I get done? #fromEvernote https://t.co/P5dYU0TILx 02.08.2013 06:29
This is how many I got done! https://www.evernote.com/shard/s281/sh/8354ea37-7853-4689-82c9-cab8ddbe2d14/207d559152c0063e58e8a0aaf983aaa5

Friday done! i got this many tasks knocked off. roll on the long weekend :-) http://t.co/y4K3uUeyOg 02.08.2013 21:09

enjoying a precious few hours to myself in the flat. Bills paid, emails sent, blogs being written! 10.08.2013 15:12

my aug bout of uetliberg therapy is just about to commence! fresh early sun morning :-)
11.08.2013 06:31

This film made me v homesick fo my home town of Bristol, truly a charming city :-) Love it! http://t.co/g6FIDolUWa
11.08.2013 13:22

best hubbie ever! just come home an hour early & is now cooking the kids' tea :-)
12.08.2013 16:22

in the midst of a *cake baking, cup cake making, icing, decorating, t shirt painting" sort of panic. Small boy M is 4 tomorrow :-)
13.08.2013 17:44

cake decorated, cupcakes iced, tshirt painted - its now wine o'clock!
13.08.2013 20:52

and here's the finished tshirt - can you tell what it is yet? :-) http://t.co/dDZw2x5FQ3
13.08.2013 21:04

just had a bit of flickr uploading and blogging spree - feel a lot better now :-)
14.08.2013 22:24

bird's eye view at airport whilst having supper. heathrow here i come! http://t.co/10nW1fZ5iX
16.08.2013 17:14

such bliss - my laptop, free wifi, time to blog and a nice glass of Chardonnay!
16.08.2013 17:40

enjoying a weekend in Derby - off to mr sainsburys for my breakfast & saturday guardian :-)
17.08.2013 09:08

big does of mummy guilt - I go away for nce weekend and course in London tomorrow, all 3 boys get ill :-( 18.08.2013 17:24

very happy to have swum 1.5km across lake in 50 mins. beautiful evening for it :-) http://t.co/LaeFIHImEx 21.08.2013 17:36

just watched shawshank redemorion again. best. film. ever. #kermodeisking
23.08.2013 22:53

wish me luck - am just about to embark on baking and making a Lighting MyQueen cake for 4 yolds party tomorrow #bakingonawingandaprayer!
24.08.2013 16:17

My latest mug purchased -"I couldn't care less about the royal baby!" http://t.co/FxgSh4l2vw
24.08.2013 16:32

let the cake decorating begin. Have I bitten off more than I chew? Need Lightning mcqueen inspiration! http://t.co/SsUvmSduWP
25.08.2013 09:08

Lightning McQueen cake is now resting! The cake decorator too. My creative nerves are shot! It it wine o'clock yet? http://t.co/qa8u6I0mhK
25.08.2013 11:25

am sitting waiting for train to airport (solo break) and am in tears at leaving my boys. the inconsistencies of being a mother :-(
27.08.2013 16:44

very excited - been accepted to TEDxZurich on 2nd October! #tedxzurich 31.08.2013 12:28
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