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The second part of my holiday has been about the healing powers of food, friends, pottering in the garden and chatting away. M & M have been the perfect hosts, feeding and watering my perfectly. We have drunk many, many cups of tea, I have inspected their garden in detail, we checked out the harvest in their allotment, we went to the local park, went out for a meal, went to the Sunday market.

I have written some blogs, learn how to make pastry, flicked through photo albums and installed chrome on my laptop. Borrowed some books, copied down some new recipes, got some bike accessory tips. Perfect little pleasures.

IMG_4488 IMG_4489 IMG_4490 IMG_4491 IMG_4493 IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4500 IMG_4501 IMG_4506 IMG_4509 IMG_4516 IMG_4517 IMG_4519 IMG_4524 IMG_4538 IMG_4539