Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Jenn and Drew come to stay

We had a lovely long August weekend with Jenn and Drew. All three boys got on really well most of the time. Drew was very keen on opening and closing all manners of doors (flat, building, gate, tram) and Markus was not so happy about this division of labour, so Jenn and auditioned for the diplomatic corps all weekend!

In the meantime, the three boys had a great time. We did padding in the badi, picnic lunch and ice creams by the lake. Brunch at a nice restaurant with lots of green and petting animals all around. We visited the airport and waved at planes. Went to the toyshop (for Drew) and the chocolate Shop (Spruengli for Jenn!) We made pizzas, had a pirate pizza tea, told stories, played nicely with the ipad.

In between times Jenn , Alan and I ate well, drank well and tasted whisky. Perfect :-)

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Tags: family, guests, summer, zürich

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