Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - July 2013

a miracle - both boys asleep and snoring!
3:03 PM - 8 Jul 13

getting on plane to london - v excited about my trip away this week :-)
3:29 PM - 9 Jul 13

This is why I love London - the wry, dry sense of humour :-) pic.twitter.com/kXKp26Jih5
8:10 PM - 9 Jul 13

london is awash with free wifi - love it!
9:44 PM - 9 Jul 13

enjoying being a complete tourist in london - obligatory to pose before Eros! http://flip.it/rGtOC
11:06 PM - 9 Jul 13

day in london started well, nearly bumped into the wonderful Eddie Izzard in lobby of my hotel - did a double take to check it was him :-)
7:47 PM - 10 Jul 13

had a really excellent day at my MBTI training, excellent moderation, interesting participants, lots of food for thought. Now off for a swim
7:47 PM - 10 Jul 13

I could get used to this - just been for a nice swim, now doing some blogging, food & drink on its way from the hotel kitchen to me :-)
9:18 PM - 10 Jul 13

on train to newmarket at start of my uk weekend!
6:54 PM - 12 Jul 13

have just had a wonderful overnight stay in Suffolk with friend C- beautiful countryside, great conversations & memories!
12:33 PM - 13 Jul 13

is there anything nicer than a train journey, packed lunch from waitrose and the Sat Guardian?
1:51 PM - 13 Jul 13

best sound in world? other people's kids being wrestled into bed. Me sitting having a little glass of something cooled :-) he he!
9:12 PM - 13 Jul 13

ciao ciao london - i had a great week! returning home to zurich and my boys :-)
8:13 PM - 14 Jul 13

Small boys M&P are "mama and papa", I am markus, teddy bear is the baby! :-)
5:32 PM - 15 Jul 13

madly decorating biscuits for nursery tomorrow & painting tshirt for birthday boy tomorrow :-)
11:46 PM - 17 Jul 13

my busy little hydro-engineers at Baeckeranlage park. perfect summer sunday afternoon! pic.twitter.com/DQL5ue6ykN
7:01 PM - 21 Jul 13

bad mummy moment. taking 5 mins for coffee & delib. ignoring overexcited screams of laughter from bedroom, with occasional uh-oh from M!
11:15 AM - 22 Jul 13

Have done it! Just applied for TEDxZurich in Oct this year. Fingers crossed I get to attend. #TEDxZürich
6:06 PM - 26 Jul 13

preparing for a belated happy birthday party for patrick! 2 years and 10 days old today! Cake is being iced, grandparents on way!
9:33 AM - 28 Jul 13

the finished birthday cake - teddy bear styling by granny palmer! pic.twitter.com/mo9xzYFZcU
5:42 PM - 28 Jul 13
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