Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - June 2013

final cup of tea @ sheffield station before train back to london. fab weekend! pic.twitter.com/fvGgfMKOuv
5:56 PM - 2 Jun 13

free wifi, bacon butty and nice cup of tea at London city airport - perfect end to perfect uk birthday bash! pic.twitter.com/Aic6GNSEYp
11:39 AM - 3 Jun 13

off for summer evening walk felsenegg to uto kulm along uetliberg!
7:11 PM - 8 Jun 13

any advice on getting 2 small boys (2yr & 4yr) to bed at same time in same room? Currently lots of laughing, jumping (them) & yelling (me)!
9:46 PM - 9 Jun 13

Helen Palmer‏@nice_cup_of_tea10 Jun
The essence of how to GYST & the thing i most need to learn stop thinking & start doing! http://amzn.com/k/X8UJNHYpSHSCbw2bJXVBsg … And action comes first
10:38 PM - 10 Jun 13

Sensible, doable advice served up with honesty snd good humour :-) plus some lovely recipes! http://amzn.to/Nn1Py9
11:06 PM - 10 Jun 13

finished Going it Alone at 40 by Liz Broomfield and gave it 5 stars - an informative honest read! http://amzn.to/167B5iS
11:11 PM - 10 Jun 13

hurrah! Whole family is back together again - everyone is happy!
8:59 AM - 15 Jun 13

off for a run *cough* brisk walk for the first time in weeks. End goal half marathon next year *gulp* Grit doctor employed! #rfbr
9:00 AM - 15 Jun 13

is it just my boys who think it's the height of naughtiness to creep into bathroom and start cleaning their teeth / washing their hands? :-)
8:16 AM - 17 Jun 13

hurrah for day to myself, minus boys. hurrah for hubbie who is on holiday :-)
11:38 AM - 17 Jun 13

Plan for day? Some admin @ home, then town for shopping & lunch, then off to panorama spa for a massage & swim. Cannot wait :-)
11:39 AM - 17 Jun 13

summer clothes shopping sorted for boys - thanks to h&m and ochsner shoes. a relative bargain :-)
2:37 PM - 17 Jun 13

admin done, bills paid, emails sent & now off to relax at panorama spa :-)
2:38 PM - 17 Jun 13

day off with hubbie. on train to bern for a day of culture! http://www.qin.ch
9:47 AM - 19 Jun 13

Alan meets the warriors of the eternal emperor Qin at Bern historical museum! pic.twitter.com/4Vx15738S1
1:34 PM - 19 Jun 13

hubbie left for another week, dear son no 1 being "challenging" and me not feeling well :-(
3:39 PM - 23 Jun 13

walking in the rain and the mist on the uetliberg!
6:57 PM - 29 Jun 13
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