Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick at 23 months

month 23
Our Patrick is getting more and more communicative. He is learning how to get your attention and communicate, even if the conversation just goes like this...
"Hey! Mama!"
"yes patrick?"
"yes patrick?"

He was very excited in the car during the weekend. Kept saying Mama or Papa, then either "Train!" or "Cow!", even if neither were to be seen. Also learnt the word "tunnel" (very useful when driving through switzerland with small people. The family game is to sing "Tunnel" when you enter the tunnel and keep singing until you reach the other side. Markus didn't want to play, but then we heard a small patrick voice saying "tunnel!"

He is very attached to his big brother and is constantly saying "Mar kuuus?" Has trouble with his k sounds, so it often comes out as "maaarr ffuuuus?"

Oh, and last week (1st July) we had the first pee in the potty. So proud :-) New stickers bought now to decorate the potty. Let the fun commence...

New words (Everything is an exclamation at the moment)
aeroplane, helicopter
abakeht! (fell over)
sorry, please, thank you
Mama, Papa, Mar kuuss!
Tags: pmm, pmmphotos

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