Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

London calling...

I am so excited - off to London tomorrow afternoon, to do a 3 day course to become a MBTI facilitator. It feels like a holiday. A week away from running the house and kids. The course day runs from 0900 to 1730 (easy life!) and I don't have to get anyone else up apart from me in the morning. I have a hotel booked next to Piccadilly circus, so my shopping list is getting longer and longer. Plus, on the weekend I get to meet a friend who i haven't seen in YEARS in Cambridge (*waves to Rev C!*) and I will also stay with Sal and family.

I am even considering taking laptop with me, to make use of all that free time - hope the hotel has wifi!

Am very behind on blog posts...
*weekend in Black Forest
*Qin Exhibition
*monthly updates M & P
*Uetliberg walk June & July
*Sheffield weekend
Tags: *to do, @40, friends, london, work
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