Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The surprise cake, that wasn't a surprise!

I spent most of the afternoon trying to bake a surprise birthday cake for mr.ncot, (bit late, but he as away last week on his birthday!), ice it, then decorate it. Small boy M was keen to help, but when push came to shove, decided that drawing on his legs with felt tip pens was a more pressing engagement.

Anyway, I finish cake, put it in fridge just before mr.ncot comes home. I tell hubbie not to come into kitchen. When I get into living room 2 minutes later, I realise that the first words out of M's mouth to Papi were - "We Made You a Surprise Cake!" Little rotter then claimed to have "Helped Mami". Hmmm....

Anyway, not one of my very best efforts, but was created with much love...
Tags: birthday, creative, mgm, mr.ncot

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