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If you wave (at a tram, bus, train, digger, dog, random passerby), they will wave back. This week has confirmed their rule. Mind you, who could resist a wave from my little charmer below?

The best waves Markus got were this week. We were walking to nursery along the "busy busy road" and as we crossed at the lights, Markus turned and waved to a big recycling truck, with two burly guys in the front. To my astonishment, both men (as one) waved enthusiastically back. The truck turned into our road, and as they passed us, the driver waved out his window and beeped for good meaure. Markus was beside himself. "Mummy, both men waved at me!" He told the story all day to anyone at Kinderkrippe who would listen :-)




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Jul. 1st, 2013 05:59 am (UTC)
I'll bet the truck guys were telling the same story! Love it!
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