Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

"The Birth Order Book" Dr Kevin Leaman

This is a book that absolutely everyone should read, it really helps you figure out your family and your place in it! I’m a first born, which explains my out of control perfectionism, my need for approval (especially from my Mum, also a first born), my love of books, study and reading and my frustrations when the world doesn’t run according to the ‘rules’. This book is just absolutely fascinating ;-) And it’s made me ‘own up to’ some of my faults – my stubbornness and difficulty in forgiving other people when they don’t match my standards (sorry chris, when we were teenagers!)

Perfectionists are skilled procrastinators
“Many discouraged perfectionists reallyi have difficulties in handling time. They’re the expert procrastinators who sometimes do a little bit and they walk away from the task. They seem to be “either or” kind of people. When they’re running hot, watch out. They’ll trample you getting all that work done. But when they’re running cold, it’s tough to get them to move at all.” p.99

“Procrastinators tend to be stubborn people. The mood has to be just right or they can’t possibly hit on all eight cyclinders. Naturally, they have high expectations for their own performance, and this means they often drive themselves wacky with details. They’re the ones who stay up until two in the morning looking for the ten cents they’re missing in the checking account.” p.99

“I recently counseled a man who had not filed his income tax forms for the last four years… This man had a way of lying to himself. The lie was that he was totally dedicated to details and getting things right. But all he was doing was prohibiting himself from enjoying life by always having something hanging over his head.” helen, does this sound familiar? Dissertation anyone?

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