Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The key that was lost, is now found! Or... Yet another reason I LOVE switzerland!

Last weekend on my run, I realised that I had dropped my spare key somewhere. I ended up covering about 12 km, as I realised around 2/3 way round my route, that the key had gone, then had to retrace my steps. Didn't find the key. Very annoyed. Realised that we would have to pay a lot to get our locks changed when we move out.

Fast forward a week - a letter arrives via the key firm, to say that our key has been found (traced via central key number) and is waiting collection at Lost Property office in Zurich. I pay a small admin fee and a slightly larger finders free, and the key is mine.

I love Switzerland, its people's civic sense and it's flawless administation processes!
Tags: switzerland

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