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Uetliberg Therapy

After a long day at home with the kids on Saturday, I wasn't sure whether I would have time to do my monthly Uetliberg walk for my @40 challenge. Really glad I made the effort. It being nearly mid summer, it was light until 10ish, giving me time to do my normal walk. Just beautiful and a wonderful time out for me.

I love this tree - 2 shots, with different lighting.
IMG_3150 IMG_3146

My impressions...
roll of thunder
smell of campfires
church bells

meditation mon 0630 steuffacher kirche
0900 sun service st andrews
thoughts on next career steps /phd
career narrative reading recommendations
hotel montana over christmas
july weekend with jane
rfbr on kindle & evernote books
do strengths based leadership online test this week
contact damcoise koechler re cake lesson
do a new recipe
mags cook book link