Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Getting my sh!t together!

I am loving my first ever Kindle Book - "Get Your Sh!t Together" - it is really helping me to focus on the things I can do and change. See below for my "Not To Do List!"
Am working on how to be in action, rather than just making lists. Even though I am loving my evernote app on laptop and iphone!

The essence of how to GYST & the thing i most need to learn stop thinking & start doing!
“And action comes first, not last. Not when we have worked everything out perfectly and when we have all our ducks lined up and are confident of an assured outcome. Action comes NOW, at the very beginning, when our shit is still all over the place. Nothing happens, nothing is achieved, nothing becomes clear, nothing is even really revealed about who we are except when we are in action. Not convinced? Listen to some leading authorities on action:”

Tags: books, self_reflection

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