Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick at 21 & 22 Month

21 Months, 22 Months
month 21 month 22

We love our cheeky little Patrick, his dimples get him out of all sorts of trouble!
He loves wiping and cleaning with jayclothes or flannels
He is fearless and puts his head under the water at swimming (without prompting and without warning)
Loves belly diving off the sofa onto the carpet, stands on the sofa arm and launches himself onto the cushions
Big effort this month to get them to sleep in same room - works now abot 70% of the time. In the nicest possible way, I want Patrick out of our bedroom for good!

New Words
He is really communicating and sings the same songs as Markus.
uuser (out), cuggle (cuddle), car, train, tractor, gumpa (to jump)
bless you thank you
dada mama hat fish look bed
all gone, train, eat up

23.03.13: last breast milk defrosted from frezer then spilt!
21.03.2013: walked in front door. patrick saw me and clearky said "mama!"
Tags: pmm, pmmphotos

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