Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Mindful running

Tonight I did my usual walk/run lap, again in 60 minutes. I saw a beautiful full rainbow as I set out, clear against the heavy thundery grey skin - but I beat the rain home :-)

As I left, Markus told Alan that I was a very fast runner (ha, if only he knew) - but then added, but I'm quicker and I'm quicker that you daddy. So that's my next challenge - run faster than my nearly 4 year old! As I struggle and plod through my 7km lap, I just think of my boys and the example I am setting them. Doesn't matter how slow I run, as long as I get out there three times a week with mindfulness.

And here's a photo of my running boys, trying on my trainers. They are obsessed with them for some reason :-)
3 legged trainer race!
Tags: mgm, pmm, running

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