Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Water babies and swimming Saturdays

I have two little water babies! Markus has started swimming in the pool without me (but with arm bands on and close supervision from teacher) and today for the first time, he was in the pool without armbands (but I was with him). He did so well, using floats, pool noodles. He accidentally ducked under the water a few times, and looked a bit surprised when he resurfaced, but it didn't seem to panic him or worry him at all. He loves jumping and diving into the water.

Patrick wore armbands for the first time today and was therefore independantly mobile in the water. He loved it. He floated onto his back, chilled, kicked his legs and was quite happy without me holding him.

I love our swimming saturdays, even though we are all knackered afterwards!

Markus, March 2013 & Patrick, Dec 2012
markus swimming patrick swimming
Tags: family, mgm, pmm, swimming

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