Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 45: Jackpot!

Congratulations! You just won $54 million in your nation’s lottery. (And for simplicity’s sake, we’ll say it’s tax free!) Now what? Think about this one realistically: what, really, would you do with this amount of money. Are you a spender? Want to live in the lap of luxury? Retire? Are you a saver? Keep working? What will you buy? What will you do?

This is a surprisingly tough homework, which is odd, because it should be so simple. Money solves all problems, huh? I think it’s a difficult question, because if money was no problem, then it would force us to really examine our life and our values. For example, if you didn’t have to work, what would you really like to do and achieve? What would that say about you and your life? I think I found the earlier homework easier, you know, the lost dog reward. Probably because the sum was smaller and sometimes it’s easier to be more focussed on your here and now needs. I’m also sometimes quite uneasy about dreaming the lottery question, because it encourages us to let something else take away the decisions / solve our problems. But anyway, here goes….So, I’m translating into my mother currency which makes it £31 Million (okay, I rounded up to the nearest £100,000!)

  • Buy 2 properties – flat in London (Hampstead, near the Heath) and flat in Zurich

  • Give Parents enough money to secure their retirement, and allow them to buy their boat to sale round the world

  • Lump sum to my sister so that she could buy herself a good enough double bass to start her professional career, buy house in Manchester, and live for the year while she studies

  • Lump sum to Chris & Jenn for them to buy property in Derby

  • I’d take my two best mates out for a slap up meal and discuss with them what they’d like – money for a specific project / girls holiday etc etc

  • I’d donate sizeable sums to Oxfam, Christian Aid, Samaritans, Diabetes UK & Breast Cancer UK & Bookcrossing

  • How much have I spent now? I’ve lost count!

  • I’d like to start my own training company – “Happy HeP” and it would include IT training, train the trainer courses, self confidence / personal development, juggling and the courses would be so cheap that individuals and companies could afford them

  • I’d also run a grant making trust which would give specific grants for individuals in postgraduate study, particularly arts & social sciences which don’t get funding – ie music students, art students, book grants for impoverished students, so that anyone who was talented and wanted to study further could do so without financial worries. The student would get double what they’d already saved.

  • and just for me, I’d buy new underwear frequently, some luxurious silk stuff, I’d buy only Clinique skincare and makeup, ocassionally I’d buy Prarie stuff

  • I’d update my wardrobe which would only contain classics and good quality clothes

  • Each month I’d have a massage / facials / eyebrow shapes / eyelash tint / full leg wax

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