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The 4 decades of Helen (part 2)

Before I went away on my weekend alone (at start of April) I was worrying about turning 40 and all the things I hadn't yet done with my life. Zurich friend J wisely said - Reflect on what you have done so far with your life :-)

Over dinner, I started scrawling notes in my glossy magazine, per decade, what I had done, personally, professionally, where had I travelled, what volunteer work had I done. I love the fact that my life bears no relation (and will never a bear relation to) the glossy life as advertised in the magazine.

From 30 - 39 I ...
moved to Switzerland with Alan
finished my masters degree and graduated with distinction
Started work with Credit Suisse, travelled for work to USA, Poland, Singapore, got promoted to AVP
Travelled with Alan to Thailand, Australia, Europe
found my online self, set up my blog and other social media sites
led the Professional womens group of zurich for 4 years
had two operations and IVF
had Markus and Patrick!

From 20 - 29 I ...
Met Alan, fell in love, moved in with him, proposed to him & we got married
Studied for my German degree, lived in German for a year, graduated
At University was social secretary, then president of a student society
Sang in the University choir, Travelled to Taize
Worked during university holidays for UWE
Worked for TCS, Sunrise, DTZ, travelled for work in UK and Europe, lived in USA for 3 months
Volunteered for the Samaritans for 3 year
Ran the London Marathon
Travelled with Alan to Canada, South Africa, California, Nashville, Russia
Volunteered on several Regional and National Guiding Committees
Volunteered as a Brownie Guider for several years

From 11 - 19 I ...
Played in Youth Orchestras at various levels, from age 11 to 18
Was part of Guide Association, up to Young Leader and Guider
Was awarded Queens Guide
Volunteered in Sri Lanke for 3 months
Worked at Bristol Central Library
Travelled to Norway, Sweden, Canada

And from 40 - 49 I will ...
Enjoy my family
My kids will start School
Start and finish my PhD
Buy a home?

@40Challenges: #1 done

Tags: @40, memories

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