Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer


The lovely mr.ncot surprised me with an afternoon party yesterday! When I was 30 he threw me a surprise party in london, which went on late into the night, with drinking and silly hats. Yesterday was more child friendly - an afternoon party with scones, bubbly, birthday cake, flowers and balloons :-) It was wonderful.... Here begins my week of celebrating 40! The big day is tomorrow... Today I am going to the airport with the boys to watch planes and play in the playground!

IMG_2879 IMG_2878 IMG_2875 IMG_2874 IMG_2873 IMG_2871 IMG_2867 IMG_2854 IMG_2863 IMG_2862 IMG_2861 IMG_2860 IMG_2857
Tags: birthday, family, friends, treats
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