Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - April 2013

very excited - day off, and going away by myself for long weekend here: http://t.co/lVf4GV2yY6 Apr 05 06:35:53

at chur changing to lenzerheide bus. ee oop its colder in graubuenden! Apr 05 15:08:46

very much enjoying my weekend alone in Lenzerheide. Day started with blissul massage in spa. Now to find lunch :-) Apr 06 10:22:20

Sun plan - brunch eaten, doing some cross stitch & blogging, late check out, then final visit to spa and hamam! Apr 07 09:13:43

had forgotten how much I enjoy being creative and doing some stitching! http://t.co/r9s6NDXkZ0 Apr 07 10:50:16

have flat to myself - how many tasks can I get done in 2 hours? How long will I spend faffing online? http://t.co/L1J0fWCnoG Apr 21 08:42:28

a bedtime miracle! Both boys went to sleep in same room, no yelling, singing or jumping on beds! Same procedure tomorrow night? :-) Apr 23 19:29:53

off to Triemli to meet new baby girl of dear friend - v excited! Apr 24 16:26:54

loving the music eddie! happy birthday kate! http://t.co/9ahcpw0XW9 #forcemajeure Apr 27 17:57:17

@eddieizzard ready for eddie izzard at hallenstadion. v excited! Apr 27 18:02:41

just had our tweet on big screen at hallenstadion! Apr 27 18:05:43

@eddieizzard #forcemajeure loving your fingernails! Apr 27 19:29:28

searing five spice duck (& cooking pizza) for a birthday dinner for my lovely little sis! Cake is done, family party to start soon! Apr 28 17:01:00
Tags: lj, twitter
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