Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick, months 19-20

Month 19 (scruffy hair), Month 20 (smart, short hair!)
month 19 month 20

Patrick had his first hair cut this last weekend and he looks both younger and older with it!
He is saying more words – pizza, cheese, apple, teddy bear, biscuit. He can also "sing" twinkle, twinkle little star - although you wouldn't recognise it, unless you were us!

The jumping and leaping about continue unabated and he has taken to hiding behind the TV and fiddling with the leads, which drives me bonkers. He leaps off the sofa and literally belly flops onto the cushions on the floor. He copies Markus with no hesitation!

He is getting interested in the potty and often swaggers into the bathroom and just sits down on the potty, as if to prove he can. We are are getting close to getting them both to sleep in same room, works about 50% of time. But left to their own devices in the room, they sing to each other in room and jump up and down on their beds, which is cute for the first 2 minutes, then just plain annoying.
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