Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus at 42-43 months

Month 42 & Month 43 (with haircut!)
month 42 month 43

Speech has become much more fluent and his favourite phrase is “I do it all by self”
He is singing lots, puts his own words to tunes that he knows!
Other phrases include - “What about...?” “I have a good idea”
He has started calling us Mum / Dad, which makes him sound very grown up. He still interchangeably mixes english and swiss german (even in the same sentence), but has become to realize that "things" have two names. He will often ask me "Was heisst....?" ie what is this called? He always for the english version of the German noun. Interesting...

Games & Media
He is a demon on his balance bike and scooter, he has a good sense of balance and his speed just keeps increasing. We are trying to use the scooter as a way to finally kick him out of the double pram! We have been investigating youtube videos and have been watching a cartoon in russian, fireman sam in italian and our current favourite, "Little Bus Tayo" (korean.) Oh, and Shaun the sheep.

The big achievement (last weekend) was that the "nuggie/Dummy Fairy" came and collected his 2 remaining dummies and left him some toys as a reward (a toy rocket, night light and torch). We had been telling him the story of the nuggie fairy for more than a month and in the end, he happily gave up the nuggies and has been fine ever since!
We are still working on finishing the potty training - still refusing to poos in the potty or toilet.

He is cery cute with Patrick and often helps him, bringing him his water bottle. The other day I heard him say to him - “Patrick, you’re the best boy in the world”. On the other hand, he often yells at him, copying me! He understands that he is older than Patrick and that both of them are growing.
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