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A Letter A Day...

... made me happy and I got lots of post back! I have now finished (somewhat belatedly) my
letter writing challenge for February and it was great!

I wrote to
katie K, mum, karen, Alison w, liz b, Cheryl, Susan, kate, mags, andrea p, alice, jenn, irene, alan, liz dunn, abi beaney, rachael G McK, kerry, Jill, jane, nicole eichner, lesley s, corinne, claire Pearson, chris, sal, laura r, andrea swete, caroline cole, Becs and got lots of love and letters back - see the mosaic below.

It was such a simple idea, but made me feel connected to good friends near and far! I found the postcard below in London and it really sums it all up!
Scannen0009 keep calm and send a postcard