Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - February 2013

am an mba widow this weekend and been up since 6 am - yawn!Sat Feb 02 07:42:17 2013

today so far: 3 tantrums, kitchen tidy, fridge cleaned, shopping put awy, now a nice cup of tea :-) Roary DVD on!Sat Feb 02 09:56:22 2013

weight update - lost 0.7kg :-) limited, yoga x1, aquafit x 1, & 4/7 fitbug daily goals achieved. will log food this week.Mon Feb 04 08:27:25 2013

beautiful, charming short film "Paperman" - dare you not to weep a little! http://t.co/QMcaGHL0Mon Feb 04 08:44:35 2013

bad bad jawache - 3 wisdom teeth need to come out soonish :-(Thu Feb 07 07:45:04 2013
awaa, awaa, awaa - infected wisdom tooth, pain, earache, can't talk :-(Fri Feb 08 08:08:28 2013

lunch suggestions please, given that I can't open mouth very wide or chew cos of wisdom tooth, and
I am very very hungry!Fri Feb 08 11:21:39 2013

v excited - just found website with all "How i met your mother" episodes on! http://t.co/uvmJXt6hFri Feb 08 11:37:01 2013

three boys playing in fresh snow and making the smallest snow man ever :-) http://t.co/rU4zRiEuSat Feb 09 08:46:57 2013

@BaldurApollon Thanks! My artistic contribution was providing the clementine segment for the nose! Hubbie was taking it way too seriously!Sat Feb 09 13:13:19 2013

making lemon drizzle cup cakes late at night for my team meeting tomorrow - Is there a link between food & performance? :-)Mon Feb 11 21:30:59 2013

nothing like an icy, cold bike ride to work to get the adrenalin going and kick start my Wednesday!Wed Feb 13 11:20:31 2013

having a tired, grumpy, saturday morning :-(Sat Feb 16 09:12:36 2013

trying to restore my good humour by having a bubbly bath in peace - with book and a nice cup of tea, and NO CHILDREN!Sat Feb 16 09:41:06 2013

this weekend we are working on getting the boys to fall asleep together in same room - easier said than done! I want our bedroom back :-)Sun Feb 17 13:29:05 2013

weight update - lost 0.4kg :-) limited booze, yoga x1, aquafit x 1. Keep on keeping on!Sun Feb 17 14:13:52 2013

beautiful sunny Feb day - almost spring. Lunch and fun by the lake with my boys. Life is good :-) #talesofmgmpmmMon Feb 18 13:56:17 2013

Small boy on bike - can you spot him? Gorgeous brisk winter day :-) #talesofmgm http://t.co/XPBvfPQLMon Feb 18 13:57:31 2013

just been to yoga - feeling very stretched and relaxed!Tue Feb 19 20:45:37 2013

very excited - final packign and preparations for London. Blighty here I come :-)Thu Feb 21 07:25:42 2013

oh the joy and ease of travelling without small people :-)Thu Feb 21 08:47:57 2013
packed - one laptop, 5 books, 2 magazines, iphone with podcasts, camera, moleskin journal!Thu Feb 21 08:53:11 2013

am loving my saturday lie-in and the kids I hear creating a rumpus are a "SEP" ie Somebody Else's Problem, so I don't have to even get up!Sat Feb 23 08:34:12 2013

bliss - slept until 1030 - this has to be a record for the last 3.5 years :-)Sun Feb 24 11:20:55 2013

last day in london!Mon Feb 25 10:24:13 2013
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