Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

What goes around, comes around...

Scannen0005 (2)

So far in February I have written (a proper letter) to 19 friends or family. Taking the time of a few minutes to really think about that person and what I want to say to them, has been so positive. It's helped me to re-connect with people. Choosing the paper, the pen, sitting down and thinking of your recipient - I feel that it makes for a more mindful and focussed message. It seems that even with the friends we see a lot, it is still easier to say important things in a letter.

And what has been wonderful is that I have received 2 handwritten letters back, one email and I am meeting an old university friend in London - all because I sent out those little "packages" containing my words and thoughts of friendship and memories.
Tags: friends, happy, lent, writing

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