Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps - January 2013

first tantrum of 2013 and i am on early shift (as normal) Jan 01 07:36:55

my monkey boys have been playing "stay awake and scream tag team" for the last hour - an uneasy truce is in place.... Jan 01 19:15:47

"Honk If You Love Someone" - an inspiring short film to start your New Year, honk in 2013! http://t.co/8qEOaUWv via @youtube Jan 01 20:11:52

getting ready to go to the mountains overnight with end, boys are home alone with hubbie :-) Jan 02 07:12:44
over excited at prospect of train journey alone to engelberg with just mags coffee journal and iphone for company! Jan 02 08:04:38

had a wonderful day and night in engelberg with end J! Jan 03 12:04:17

dryjanuary challenge going well do far. slept 9.5 hours last night and feel great! Jan 03 12:05:02

Day 4 and heading into the weekend DRY! No booze for me this weekend :-) Jan 04 18:43:09

@TheMagazineApp please tell me how I can unsubscribe?! Am 5 days into free trial and itunes store doesn't give me option to cancel subs Jan 05 13:57:02

hubbie has taken boys out for an "adventure" - have 2 maybe 3 hours home alone - what to do? :-) Jan 06 09:05:28

one dry weekend down - still feeling good! Jan 06 22:09:12

ha! finally completed level 2 (of goodness knows how many) on Stickman game - my 3 year old is better at this game than me! Jan 06 22:55:42

a rare day off for me. sent boys to krippe, now sitting in cafe planning my day :-) Jan 07 08:28:24

diet starts again in earnest. start weigt *whispers* 83.1kg. Will report loss or gain each week! Jan 07 09:46:14

very cool time lapse video of a dad and son playing all afternoon .- best bit? when they clear up! http://t.co/0BlWU83B Jan 07 09:59:39

finally stopped faffing st home and have gone for walk on uetliberg! Jan 07 12:55:04

can anyone recommend a good video editing tool? have 3.5 years of video clips to edit/organize Jan 07 13:01:01

back to "school" today - ho hum, at least my week is only 4 days long! Jan 08 07:02:06

my parents are ahead of me - das now has a kindle and mum got an ipad for christmas! Jan 11 07:53:20

weight update - no change, despite no booze, yoga x1 and 4/7 fitbug daily goals achieved. Onward and upwards! Jan 14 20:20:03

day 16 of dryjanuary and still going strong :-) Not seeing the weight loss yet though! Jan 16 21:39:36

Excellent article from HBR _ Women Need to Realize Work Isn't School - I am guilty of a few of theses! @HarvardBiz http://t.co/tT998O66 Jan 17 07:05:02

empty inbox, online food shop ordered for day, warm bubbly bath is beckoning :-) Jan 17 20:39:50

i love that feeling of having a clear inbox! Jan 19 12:22:42

Small Boy M has this nailed, he is an expert in steps 2, 3 and 5 :-) BEDTIME STALLING 101 http://t.co/e1MNAQ8r via @sharethis Jan 19 12:26:50

peace reigns in our household - all 3 boys asleep :-) Jan 19 12:56:52

v bad night - sicky coughy toddler and no sleep for Mama :-( will be a long day! Jan 21 07:34:04

weight update - lost 0.9kg, good week:-) no booze, yoga x1 and 3/7 fitbug daily goals achieved. Hope it continues... Jan 21 10:57:17

just laughed so hard at miranda, that tea exploded out of my nose. Hubbie bemused at my hysterics! #miranda Jan 21 21:52:35

just been to aquafit - -remarkably tough workout in water :-) Jan 23 20:06:38

only 8am and so far we have had one tantrum about wearing pants, a truce and now small boy is watching the first Bob the B of the day! Jan 26 07:13:21

am folding mountains of clean clothes, and loving 6Music! Jan 26 16:40:38

uh-oh, the toddler van now reach the kitchen door knob and open the door :-( Jan 26 18:21:55

bliss - breakfast in bed, readind feb's copy of red! #redmag Jan 27 09:12:32

Just 5 days to go before DryJan ends. My experiences so far here: http://t.co/5CWyl3F6 #dryjanuary Jan 27 12:13:18

I just completed level 4 of #Aerox in 479.21 seconds! finally :-) Jan 28 09:32:53

weight update - gained 0.7kg :-( but no booze, yoga x1, aquafit y x 1, & 4/7 fitbug daily goals achieved. better luck next week? Jan 28 10:46:46

Small boy M: what are you doing Mummy? Me: Cooking your tea Him: Oh, THANK YOU Mummy! (his emphasis :-) ) Jan 28 18:30:09

last evening of Dry January! Have honestly not craved the red wine stuff all month. Feeling good :-) Jan 31 21:06:18
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