Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

tweeting in the gaps - December 2012

i love the start of Zurich! Both boys stuck the first star on their homemade christmas tree posters and I drank my first advent cup of tea! Dec 01 12:33:15 2012
V excited - have just booked tickets to see Eddie Izzard in Zurich, next April :-) Dec 01 13:00:26 2012

Hacking inquiry - Hacked off: http://t.co/KvCmUamC http://t.co/CG1t6AJr Dec 01 13:06:23 2012

Just finished mixing the mincemeat and now the first mince pies of the season are baking - fingers crossed for a good result! Dec 01 16:14:16 2012

is there anything nicer than the smell of christmas goodies baking? Rhetorical question - there is NOTHING nicer than smell of mincepies :-) Dec 01 16:43:09 2012

Quite pleased with the results - the one that I "had" to taste was pretty good! http://t.co/is3IoO5j Dec 01 17:22:12 2012

best winter run ever - proper crunchy snow underfoot! http://t.co/jot3hV5o Dec 02 13:49:36 2012
Finished Run with @runmeter, on Sihl, Allemand, u... route, time 1:02:04, 7.02 km, ahead of worst run 8:31. Dec 02 14:21:22 2012

90% of christmas shopping done - thank goodness for the internet :-) Dec 02 22:26:34 2012

we are all v tired & cranky today, so we are chilling at home! toddler p gets on with some reading :-) http://t.co/0auEhq7W Dec 03 10:05:05 2012

Blimey, this doesn't happen very often - both boys asleep AT SAME TIME! What do I do now? :-) Dec 03 12:21:03 2012

Finished Run with @runmeter, on sihl, rietberg, l... route, time 49:32, 5.92 km, ahead of median run 1:33. Dec 03 20:12:04 2012

feel completely bombshelled by final episode ever of Dr. House. Really sad its over. Cried buckets, but feel bizarrely uplifted. Dec 04 22:16:12 2012

interesting bike ride home along the river path - lots of deep, crunchy snow - but I did not fall off :-) Dec 07 17:10:20 2012

Just rung moo.com http://t.co/g8deEU56 - very impressed with their customer service! Dec 07 17:10:42 2012

long weekend alone with boys - am doing okay so far, boys asleep, but then it has only been half a day! And breathe and relax :-) Dec 08 12:57:2 2012

can't believe my eyes - just seen a proper steam engine puffing past on the sihl line! v christmassy :-) Dec 08 19:37:47 2012

Finished Snowy walk with @runmeter, on Sihl circuit route, time 36:25, 3.51 km, behind best run 6:40, see http://t.co/O28PhVnf. Dec 08 19:59:03 2012

long snowy walk with @runmeter, on a new route, time 1:12:25, 6.70 km, see http://t.co/9sE2LSJt, average 10:48. Dec 10 19:25:08 2012

Finally finished creating 2 photobooks - just in time for the christmas deadline :-) Dec 13 23:38:36 2012

Will be running 8.5K later on today with end K in Zurich - wish us luck. We feel very unprepared! Hobble, hobble.... Dec 16 12:59:40 2012

how the hell is it possible to miss the DHL courier, when I've been in the flat waiting all day? Dec 17 19:10:01 2012

and how the hell (part 2) is it possible that I met none of my fitbug goals this week, but actually lost a bit of weight? :-) Dec 17 19:15:12 2012

how times have changed - back home sober after work christmas party and baking cookies for Kinderkrippe staff as christmas presents! Dec 18 21:25:45 2012

Very excited - little sister arrives into Zurich tonight and it is snowing again. It all feels v christmassy! Dec 20 17:40:00 2012

Am loving the customer service from http://t.co/5e6aCy4o, they reprinted my christmas cards, even though the error was mine not theirs! ta x Dec 20 17:40:51 2012

doing online christmas shop - hope coop can deliver! Dec 20 19:32:36 2012

boo - sister delayed by at least an hour due to v slight sprinkling of snow at our end :-( Dec 20 19:33:30 2012

i love the fact that Switzerland is a bit behind the "online" times - did an online food shop tonight & got a delivery slot on ! Dec 20 19:44:48 2012

first day of holidays and been up since 0630 :-( at last lovely sis is here! Dec 22 08:08:57 2012
turning into my mother - cooking a day roast, classicfm blaring :-) Now just need a sweet sherry to get tipply! Dec 23 14:40:04 2012

roast dinner - 2.5 hours to prepare and cook, eaten in 20 minutes! Small boy M: "das habe ich nicht gern!" (i don't like that). hmmph :-( Dec 23 18:51:53 2012

stockings need wrapping, christmas cards still to write, christmas email to send, 2 blogs to write - but at least my nails are painted! Dec 24 14:50:02 2012

have just filled and hung stockings for the boys - v excited to be mrs santa! Dec 24 22:26:45 2012

a miracle! a christmas lie-in. boys so so tired they slept until 0815! Dec 25 07:52:22 2012

best (only) present so far - time to blog and then have a nice cup of tea in the bath, uninterrupted. Boys asleep :-) Happy Christmas all! Dec 25 12:27:18 2012

small boy m has just watched "the snowman" for the first time - now we are all a-humming and a-dancing round the flat. Do do do do do do...! Dec 25 14:35:07 2012

cooking five spice duck, red cabbage in red wine with cranberries, roast red veg, poached pears in red wine. See a theme? Prosecco at hand! Dec 25 16:04:42 2012

cooking is helped by the absence of boys (large and small), but not helped by a telephoned supper order of chicken nuggets! Dec 25 16:05:07 2012

enjoying a slobby boxing day. still in jimjams. everyone is tired :-) Dec 26 13:43:56 2012

i love boxing day - no stress, and the cold cooked meats and leftovers taste even better! Dec 26 20:41:24 2012

finally sitting down to write the long overdue christmas cards - of course, they could be early 2013 ones? :-) Dec 26 22:06:54 2012

Hurrah, just written final christmas card! Better later than never.... Dec 27 00:36:29 2012

enjoying 2 nights away in mountains. Lenzerheide is beautiful. hols are never v relaxing w 2 small boys though!
Dec 28 16:46:17 2012

back from short break away and sort of 12th yr wedding anniversary celebration. More tired than I was before :-)
Dec 29 13:25:18 2012

both boys have many new toys to play with. so what are they now playing with? M with his fav old digger, P turning bedside light on & off! Dec 29 14:23:30 2012

the boys' new nousy toys are doing my head in - time to hide the batteries i feel :-) Dec 31 09:47:44 2012

Small Boy M's most annoying habit? Saying What? or Aeergh? (swiss german for huh?!). My response - "Don't say what, say pardon"! Dec 31 14:52:11 2012

Am starting the Dry January challenge tomorrow. Hoping to gain energy, sleep better & lose weight htp://www.dryjanuary.org.uk/ #dryjanuary Dec 31 15:26:23 2012

Chilled New Years Eve at home - both boys sound asleep :-) Dec 31 20:24:57 2012

what is it with the Swiss and noisy fireworks for new year? It's only 2315 and they have been going for hours. P is now awake :-( Dec 31 22:17:08 2012
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