Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Weight update - 1kg lost in January

Results for January
I lost 1 kg over the month - my weight went up and down, up and down!
BUT - I lost 4cm round my waist :-)
And I feel thinner and better!

I stopped drinking completely in January which helped, but I was surprised that not drinkign all those calories didn't have a bigger effect. I think I ate better, but still haven't been calorie counting.
I have started going to yoga once a week and aquafitness once a week. I achieve my step goals 4 days out of seven.

What to differently in February
Keep off the booze 80% of the time - I had some alcohol this weekend and realised I don't sleep well or feel good on it.
Try and fit in one more exercise block a week - running or an exercise DVD
Try and achieve 5 fitbug daily goals a week
Log my food 3 days a week, so I can honestly assess what I am eating :-)

Revisited Goals
By start of Mar I will be 80kg. That's in 3 weeks.
By start of May (when I reach the big 40) I would like to be 75kg. That's in 11 weeks.
By end of 2013 I will be 68kg

How will I do it?
Keep a food diary - what eaten, how hungry I was before eating, how I ate
Achieve my fitbug goals
Regular Yoga
Regular Running

Yoga weekend away in April
Facial at Globus Spa

jan fitbug
Tags: health, weight

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