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Weight update - 1kg lost in January

Results for January
I lost 1 kg over the month - my weight went up and down, up and down!
BUT - I lost 4cm round my waist :-)
And I feel thinner and better!

I stopped drinking completely in January which helped, but I was surprised that not drinkign all those calories didn't have a bigger effect. I think I ate better, but still haven't been calorie counting.
I have started going to yoga once a week and aquafitness once a week. I achieve my step goals 4 days out of seven.

What to differently in February
Keep off the booze 80% of the time - I had some alcohol this weekend and realised I don't sleep well or feel good on it.
Try and fit in one more exercise block a week - running or an exercise DVD
Try and achieve 5 fitbug daily goals a week
Log my food 3 days a week, so I can honestly assess what I am eating :-)

Revisited Goals
By start of Mar I will be 80kg. That's in 3 weeks.
By start of May (when I reach the big 40) I would like to be 75kg. That's in 11 weeks.
By end of 2013 I will be 68kg

How will I do it?
Keep a food diary - what eaten, how hungry I was before eating, how I ate
Achieve my fitbug goals
Regular Yoga
Regular Running

Yoga weekend away in April
Facial at Globus Spa

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Feb. 4th, 2013 08:30 pm (UTC)
Don't make this the measure of who you are
Hi, it's me, Cheryl,

I am living proof that diets don't work and if you read the scientific evidence it backs this up. I feel mean saying this, the goals you have set yourself about drinking less because it makes you feel crap and exercising more because it makes you feel good are good in themselves. Your value does not depend on your weight, measurements or anything else. Believe me I understand about hating one's body but please don't set yourself up to be miserable or think you've failed if you don't make these weight goals. Despite significant challenges that body of yours has given you those two beautiful boys, it carries you around all day, it gives your family hugs. Please don't beat yourself up, everyone who matters loves you just the way you are- which is bloody fantastic!
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