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Dry January Challenge - the last weekend!

dryjan My Dry January Challenge is drawing to a close, this is the last booze-free weekend and as of Friday this coming week, I can drink alcohol again.

As I wrote in my first post, I was hoping to get more energy, sleep better and lose weight. Of course, the month isn't quite down yet, but here are my results so far :-)

* I have lost some weight - will be interested to see my weight on Monday 4th Feb, ie after challenge is finished.
* I feel as though I have more energy and purpose
* I have been sleeping better, when I was actually able to sleep. My boys however, have not been sleeping well, so mine has been rather disrupted. I am certainly coping better on little sleep, than if I had been drinking as normal
* Haven't noticed any difference to my skin
* Feels as though we have a bit more cash per week, not that we're not shelling out on bottles of wine

Overall I have found it easy not to drink, which is a relief. It shows me that I had got into the habit of (*cough* drinking every night) as a way of dealing with stress and hassles and unhappiness generally. Not drinking has helped me get a clearer picture of things. And reassures me that I don't need booze to sort things out, reassures me that I haven't missed it. It hasn't worried me at all that mr.ncot had a few glasses of wine without me.

Being Mrs "All or nothing", I have found it easy not to drink at all, to abstain completely. The real challenge of course is what I do next. How do I change my behaviour long term? I need to find the right balance. Between drinking during the week, but having booze free days in between. Between enjoying a glass of red, and between "self medicating" with wine, to avoid doing things / thinking about things / zoning out. Watch this space. In the meantime, just under 5 days to go. Am going out on Friday night to celebrate a friend's promotion at work, so will certainly enjoy that first glass of prosecco.



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Jan. 27th, 2013 12:24 pm (UTC)
When I was a stressed banker, I probably drank alcohol most days. Plus every Friday was down the pub & then a night club til closing time, drinking cocktails, doubles etc. and no food.

Since being pregnant, then breastfeeding, then being in charge of a toddlerm then pregnant again, more breastfeeding, then being in charge of 2 under 3s, I rarely drink. I have completely lost my tolerance for it & can get drunk in less than 1 glass. I may have a drink next week when a group of PTFA mums go to Wetherspoons for their curry night, but it will be only 1, as I have work in the morning & after 2, I would be very tipsy & then tired all of the next day. I find I am tired for 2 or 3 days after alcohol now I'm older too :/
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