Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I am a sucker for a monthly challenge!

I am a sucker for a challenge, even better when it includes writing and self improvement, so was excited to learn about
The Month of Letters Challenge as seen on deenbat's journal!

I think the act of letter writing allows a slower pace of communication, more reflection, more emotion. I love looking back at letters my friends and I wrote during our university days. Hard to believe that email just wasn't used as widely then. I got an email account in my 2nd year at university. But whilst I remember vividly the first letter Mr.ncot wrote me (before we started our relationship), I don't remember his or my emails from the same period.

I am excited to write and post 24 letters / postcards / things in the post in February 2013. To new friends and old friends and family and whoever else takes my fancy!
Tags: happy, writing
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