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The perfect day off....

Today I bought an extra day for the boys at nursery, and gave myself a day off, a great way to finish the christmas holiday and to get ready to go back to work. I managed a mix of tasks and treats :-)

* Dropped boys off at nursery
* Coffee and writing time at cafe
* cleared up flat
* washed sofa covers, cushion covers and throw
* Went to Post Office
* Recycling
* bought nappies
* wrote 3 blog posts
* faffing around with iphone, apps, amazon wishlists :-)
* walk in sihl valley
* reading Red magazine curled up in bed
* bath and magazine
* bought waterproof snow boots
* packed work bag
* collected boys from nursery
* supper, bath, bed

day off (1)day off (2)day off (3)