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One Resolution to Unite them All!

My only resolution for this year, my only focus, is to lose weight. I will be 40 in May next year and I do not want to feel as I feel now. I am wearing clothes 1 to 2 sizes too big for me, I have lots of lovely work clothes stored away in the attic. I worry constantly about my size. I do not feel healthy or well in my skin. I want there to be less of me.

In May I turn 40, I want to weigh considerably less than I do now. I want to reach my goal of 68kg by the end of 2013. I now from past experience, that losing weight needs a lot of focus.

Losing weight means a combination of these steps:
* log food eaten on fitbug
* meet my fitbug steps each day
* running 2-3 times a week
* practice yoga 1 a week
* drink less red wine

I will update my weight progress here once a month.