Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Patrick, months 16 and 17

month 16month 17

nbsp;                                         Month 16                                                Month 17

Patrick said "Mama" (first proper word, not counting uh-oh) on 25th November and since then we think he has said the following words
- ciao ciao (with little royal wave of hand)
- weetabix
- pizza
- sort of "counts" to three in swiss german
You can tell where his priorities lie - motherly love and food!

He is now so active - climbs up everywhere, launches himself off things, falls over, gets stuck etc. He has a permanent bump on his forehead and he has no fear, no sense of his boundaries and capabilities. I think he will shortern my life by a few years, through my constant worry. I don't reemember Markus being like this!

He has started using a dummy to get to sleep, but in the last few weeks has been waking at 3am. As well as his 8 teeth, has sprouted a molar bottom right. Getting good with toys, including the shape selector ones. He usually only wants to play with the toys that markus is interested in. The arguments are starting!

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