Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Weight Update - 0.4 kg lost :-)

My week
A bit confused, but happy at a .4kg weight loss none the same! Met none of my step goals this week, but still lost weight. Bizarre!
-0.4 kg / overall -3.2 kg
Start weight: 82.2 kg
End weight: 81.8 kg

How I did
The targets: 12'400 total steps / 6'000 aerobic steps / 1600 cal per day
I averaged: 9'622 total steps / 5'126 aerobic steps / cals not counted
Next Week

Drink more water, drink less tea and coffee, watch what I eat, try and meet my step goals!
new goals - 12'000 total steps / 6000 aerobic / 1600 cal per day
Tags: health, weight

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