Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

November Challenge

2012_11_30 by nice_cup_of_tea
2012_11_30, a photo by nice_cup_of_tea on Flickr.</div>

I cannot believe that November is almost finished! I have really enjoyed completing my three daily tasks (exercise, blogging, working on project). I didn't achieve all three tasks every single day, but I did pretty well and I certainly achieved far more than I would have done without the challenge.

More importantly, having set my own goals, based on what i know about myself and what makes me happy, this has allowed me to take back some control and sense of responsibility for myself and my actions.

I feel a lot better having got back into exercise and genuinely have more energy. I blogged
21 out of 30 days and met all step targets 26 out of 30 days.

On the project front, I am well on the way with my photo book project, have finished my baby bunny for Patrick (only 16 months late!) and
have booked a hotel for a family for two nights in November and have started planning Christmas.

I am looking forward to the December countdown to Christmas and starting some advent traditions with Markus and Patrick.

Tags: advent, done, resolutions

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