Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Family photoshoot in the park

family Oct 2012

Our family photos from October are finally here. Thank you Clever Photographer Claire :-)

I love these, lots of leaves and park and bikes and fun. Both boys were in good form and we got some lovely shots of the two of them "playing" together after a fashion :-) The difference in Patrick is very obvious. In May he really was still a baby, and now he is a toddler with attitude, character and smiles.

I am grateful that Claire also captures me so well. I am not normally good in photos, plus I am almost always behind the camera. I like all the photos here of me, I look like a relaxed Mummy, who scrubs up well! Getting these photos done is for me a hard-earned luxury.

Click here to see all our photoshoots, from the bump that was Markus, to now.
Tags: autumn, family, mgm, photoshoots, pmm

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