Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Weight Update - No change :-/

My week
Still no change. Met my (ever increasing targets) five times this week and I have to admit, do feel better for getting regular exercise. Had a few compliments that I look slimmer and certainly my work trousers are a bit looser. Plus, when I look at my targets, I am now walking over 11'000 steps and only 5 weeks ago it was 6'600 steps. The 11'000 steps means normal walking around during day, plus a good hour of aerobic walking.
Still, ways to go. this week I MUST log my food, as I suspect this is why I am not losing...
+0 kg / overall -2.9 kg
Start weight: 82.1 kg
End weight: 82.1 kg

How I did
The targets: 10'700 total steps / 5'500 aerobic steps / 1500 cal per day
I averaged: 11'635 total steps / 6'387 aerobic steps / cals not counted
Did pretty well this week, aiming for a clear run of 7 pink boxes next week!
activitytargets achieved

Next Week
Track food eaten
new goals - 11200 total steps / 5520 aerobic / 1600 cal per day
Tags: health, weight

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