Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Conversations with Markus

2012_11_25 by nice_cup_of_tea
2012_11_25, a photo by nice_cup_of_tea on Flickr.

Markus: Patrick is my best friend
(strange, since they spent the afternoon tormenting each other and screaming, but I digress)

Me: That's nice darling

Markus: And Daddy is my best friend

Me: And what about me? Is Mummy your best friend too?
(I know, bad move, what was I thinking?)

Markus: No Mummy. You're a girl

He thinks for a moment

Markus: Daddy is your best friend, because big, Patrick my best friend because small

So there you go, the correlation between relationships and size, according to my three year old...

Tags: memories, mgm
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