Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

"Old is ten years older than you are"

“How old is old, these days?” Not long ago I put the question to a woman of 93. “Old”, she said firmly, “is ten years older than you are.”
Tim de Lisle, Intelligent Life Magazine

I have been thinking a lot about age recently. Of my three closest friends here in Zürich, two of them are ten years older than me. I look up to these two friends immensely, they represent what I would like to be like a decade's time. Experience, generousity, openness. Ten years seem long enough away to allow for me to improve, to change, to achieve big things. And yet in my friendship and relationships with them, we still seem close enough in our life's path to share experiences.

Next year I turn 40 and I know that it is a well written cliche, but it does seem old and does seem significant. It is hard not to compare myself with my Mum. At 40 she had three kids (4, 7, 9) and had not yet gone back to work. At 40, her Mother had three children who had left home, and her challenge was to learn to ride a motorbike! I don't feel grown up enough to be 40. I feel younger than 40. But I want to enjoy my year of turning 40, use it as a chance to set myself challenges, to choose new directions for my life and my family. Being 40 feels like a watershed, a chance to pause and think.

@40 will be a new tag here on my blog and I want to set myself a challenge for the year 7th May 2013 to 6th May 2014. Actually I want to set myself 40 challenges, both big and small. For me, the family, for my wider community. Things to learn, goals to achieve. I think I need the next 6 months to make that list.

So, has anyone done anything similar? Anyone got any challenges the think I should consider?
Tags: @40, quotes, self_reflection

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