Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The tale of the teddy bear

After and Before...
My threadworn teddy bear has been suffering for many years now with dislocated hips, a floppy head and paws falling off. This being Zurich however, I found a bear and toyclinic who have just restored him (at some cost it must be said) to health!

He belonged to my Mum and I am not sure whether she inherited him from someone else in the family. The man in the shop thought he might be older than I thought. I love the fact that my boys will grow up with a bear with a history! And now they can play with him (gently!) without me worrying that his head is going to fall off :-)

And here he is in situ with Markus and Patrick's bears, a happy picnic bunch of bears :-)
Tags: family, memories

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