Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

"Rocking my toddler to sleep is like.....

...wrestling with a 12kg octopus, who wants to be somewhere else".

Do you think I earn extra calories for that aerobic effort? :-)

He is at least now asleep, after an hour of cursing, crying and bad temper (from both of us!)
I don't Markus being so difficult at this stage, but I am belatedly beginning to realise that Patrick is not necessarily following Markus' lead. Patrick has devilishy dimply grin and you can see the thoughts of mischief running through his frontal cortex, usually just before he launches himself off the sofa. He is obsessed with climbing and one of these days is going to learn that gravity will ultimately win.

In the meantime, I will bask in the silence coming from the boys room and will go to bed!
Tags: pmm

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