Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

"Wer rastet, der rostet" ("Use it or lose it")


The title of this post literally translates as - "whoever rests, rusts - and came from this article (in German) about learning and development at Swisscom.

This idea, that we need to keep learning, is of course not new. Lifelong learning has been in the professional jargon for a long while. However, this last week I was involved with two different trainings and used the model below to talk about learning. The 70 20 10 Model says that 10% of our learning comes from formal channels. 20% is informal learning- through our social relationships, mentors, colleagues, coaching, network etc. The final 70% is on the job learning - we learn from our tasks, projects, colleagues, boss etc.

I think this model makes a lot of sense, it puts the learner central and gently shifts the responsibility for learning to them. It means that the formal 10% can be very focussed.
Tags: article, deutsch, learning&development

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