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Weight Update - 0.2 kg lost :-)

Not such impressive weight loss this weight, but still downwhill :-) -0.2 kg / overall -1.5 kg
Have been ill, so didn't exercise or eat very well.
Start weight: 83.7 kg
End weight: 83.5 kg

How I did
6,600 total steps / 3,900 aerobic steps / 1400 cal per day
fitbug2 fitbug1

Next Week
Try and achieve aerobic steps each day, walk and cycle more!
Track food for at least 3 days and really check it's only 1400 cals per day :-)
new goals - 7300 total steps / 2600 aerobic / 1400 cal per day



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Oct. 22nd, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
I've been doing much the same thing, tracking tub. I'm watching my weight and blood pressure go down steadily, drawing my belt in tighter. Not a huge amount, and there are dips and bobs, but the trend is downhill. Just got to get to the stage where better diet and exercise patterns are a habit.

A habit, not a religion - I don't feel bad if I miss an exercise session or have the occasional splurge.
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