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Story of the socks....

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I think I realized I was a "proper" grown up today (and only taken me 39 years to get it) when I bought new socks, and didn't buy the cheapest 10 pack! I picked up 6 individual pairs, different materials, different prices. I will treat my feet well and the rest will follow :-) That is all.

In other news, today has been a nice moochy saturday. Took Markus for a hair cut, went to Starbucks with him, did the recycling, went to the Post office, sorted our money and paid bills, sorted my recipe folder, purged and restocked the spice cupboard. Went shopping for cake supplies and socks, made a banana cake, had friends over, wrote 2 blogs, cooked supper, wrestled 2 monkey boys into bed.

That is all :-)

Before and after, Curls Be Gone!
1. before 2. after

Tags: done, hair, odds and sods

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