Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The curse of the backseat driver (s)!

Since we don't own our own car (no point, Zurich transport infrastructure is too good!) it is always a treat for me to hire a car when we go on holiday. I like driving, I am an advanced driver and I am ambidextrous (don't mind which side of road I drive on!) Mr.ncot is a pretty good driving companion, good at navigation and calming me down. However, we discovered this time that we have a trainee back seat driver in our midst.

Markus is always very excited to get into a car with his car seat (it being a special treat) and this time was not different - except for the following "helpful hints".

"both hands mummy!"
"10 0'clock and 2 o'clock" (Mr.ncot taught him that one)
"come on green!"

But then he was quite cute. His favourite sayings on holiday were
"that is funny" and
"are you okay mummy?" then "are you okay daddy?" and "are you okay patrick"
"there is a cow!"
"wibbly wobbly" (when going up and down mountain passes)

All in all, a fun road trip. I loved the hire car. A toyota Versa - lots of room, a manual automatic type, plus I could connect my iphone via bluetooth to the sound system. I am such a geek!
Tags: holiday, mgm

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