Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

That holiday to do list!

What did I get done on my holidays? The list was overly long and enthusiastic, plus I was ill the first week...

pick up lights from jen
take teddy to be repaired at toy hospital
Dr appt
get electrician in
duvets pillows mattress cover to dry cleaners
clean flat - ish
day out with Alan - walk / lunch
markus to dentist
sort clothes for boys
start on baby bunnies (one done)
learn how to use google+ to post

Not too shabby, eh? Unfortunately I had to cancel lots of coffees and lunches, plus my fitness session, due to being ill. I have a "day off" next Monday, as Alan will be staying at home with boys, so I should get few more things done. I fancy sneaking off to the cinema in the afternoon!
Tags: done, holiday

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